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The Rookie Plan: Everything you need to start a business!

- Traditional 50% commisison split for company provided leads.
- 60% commisison for self generated leads.
- Business cards provided.
- Personalized IDX lead capture website.
- Free Virtual Tours for MLS on all your listings.
- Social Media marketing set up.
- Rental commsion splits 50/50,
- Paperless advanced technology allows you to see your transaction paperwork online.
- Paid at closing or ACH draft directly into your bank account.
- Direct access to broker.
- Company yard signs provided
- E&O insurance provided
- Enhanced profile and leads from branded websites

After you have closed your first $1,000,000.00, your commisson split will be upgraded to a 70/30 split.

The Verteran Plan: The only things you need to run your business!

You've been doing this a while and your business and cash flow are well established.You've invested in branding yourself well and it's paid off.

- 100% commisson earned with one flat monthly fee of $495.00.
- Paid at closing or ACH draft directly into your bank account
- Personalized IDX lead capture website.
- Paperless office with
- E&O insurance $50 per closed transaction




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Here's What Our Clients Say About Us

This sales associate team has the best experience and guidance to provide any home buyer. I could seriously go on and on. They are authentic. They have integrity. They approach each case covering all the bases. It has been two weeks since I moved into my home and I am still a bit reactionary yet, they have reached out to check on me. I am so grateful. They have real knowledge and experience in so many ways, other parts of the country, the market, dealing with other agents, experience with lenders; they gave me confidence. I feel they treated me with respect and whether I was a multi millionaire or the truth, a person with a tenuous credit score, they did their best for me and with me. Every home we looked at, they provided positive options to flaws or problems. They utilized every communication modality possible to assist me and get thru the whole process. They are down to earth authentic people that understood my fears and gave me time for explanations every time. I learned so much from them. Plus, they dont stop at the end of the sale! They continue to provide excellent service with contacts and advice. I am seriously very grateful. Mary Robison
Julie and Jake best team ever. They are easy-going to work with. Their genuine interest in our needs and desires made buying our property a fantastic experience. They were patient, extremely attentive,and offered sound advice during the entire process. We couldn't be happier with our new home or with the service we received from them. Isabel Candelas Sanabria
Thanks to you and Jake for a great job done. When I first called you I received a wonderful service from you. Thank to your son for being there at the closing. Anthony Mangogna
After a great experience with Prime Real Estate Inc., Julie and her family deserve recognition for their dedication to us during this exciting, yet stressful time. Tommy met with us multiple occasions to view homes and Jake called to check in on us during the process as well. Julie was always prompt with answering questions and ensuring needs were met, and every problem was always met with a solution! We wouldn't be in a home yet if it weren't for the hard work of Julie and her team. We are now two weeks into our new home and we are so happy with the outcome, all thanks to Julie, Jake, and Tommy! Thank you Jeff & Sharon Mathews
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